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bulletConsultation Services

The Cumberland Group provides expert advice, assistance, guidance, and/or counseling in support of management's organizational and business improvement efforts.

bulletFacilitation Services

The Cumberland Group provides facilitation and related decision support services to organizations engaging in collaboration efforts, working groups, or integrated product, process, or self-directed teams. Cumberland assists/facilitates groups in problem solving; defining objectives and agendas; convening large and small group interactions; resolving disputes, disagreements, and divergent views; focusing discussions, decision making, action planning; assigning responsibilities and due dates; and recording minutes.

bulletSurvey Services

The Cumberland Group provides expert consultation, assistance, and deliverables associated with survey development and reliability testing, sampling, survey administration, database administration, analysis and survey data, and report preparation.

Organizational Assessments This service identifies current practices, attitudes, and activities existing within organizations that are indicative of the organization's "climate." It collects real life, real time data from the organization to determine how well current efforts are integrated. This service clarifies strategic direction and needs of the organization so that priorities and direction of the leadership group can be linked into all parts of the organization. It determines how current business systems and practices are affecting the organization's success, and it establishes a baseline for measuring progress. This product is highly tailorable to all types of organizations and agencies as it has been tailored and utilized in government, commercial, and industrial enterprises providing goods and services to their customers. The following surveys are available: Quality Survey; President's Award For Quality Survey; Malcolm Baldrige Criteria Survey; Organizational Climate Survey; Customer Survey.


bulletTraining Services

The Cumberland Group provides customized training and/or off-the-shelf training packages tailored to meet a specific organization's needs. Cumberland's customization of off-the-shelf training will include, but not be limited to: workbooks, training manuals, slides, videotapes, overhead transparencies, advanced presentation media, and state-of-the-art computer-based training as required. Brief descriptions of The Cumberland Group's currently existing products and services follow: Leadership Planning; Performance Improvement Structure; Problem/Process Improvement; Teambuilding; Focused Skill Building.


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Leadership Planning

Leadership/Management Workshop This two- to four-day workshop builds on an individual's management skills and knowledge and provides methods necessary to lead effectively.

Leadership Transition Workshop This workshop, available in one-, two-, and three-dayformats, provides a straightforward and productive process for maximizing organizational effectiveness during the critically important transition from one leader to the next.

Organization-in-Transition Workshop This one- to three-day workshop, provides a straightforward approach to maximizing organizational effectiveness during a reorganization or acquisition.

Performance Measurement Workshop The purpose of this half- to one-and-a-half-day workshop is to provide top management with an appropriate measurement system that fits with their organization's strategic thrusts and intended improvements.

Strategic Planning Workshop This two- to three-day workshop combines strategic planning with continuous improvement planning to bring about a "holistic plan" for an organization. It guides top management through the process of integrating contemporary management styles into the financial aspects of long range business planning. 

Vulnerability Analysis This three-quarter day workshop focuses senior management attention on the vulnerability of a business, project, or program. It involves the identification of business, project, or program underpinnings, along with the various threats that may damage those underpinnings.

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Architecture/Performance Improvement Structure

Total Quality Management Workshop This one-to-five-day workshop presents Cumberland's organizational total quality management approach-a structured, organizational, continual improvement process that merges with functional business processes to become the "way we do things here."

Steering Committee Workshop This one-to two-day workshop accelerates organization-wide process and productivity improvement by increasing teamwork on the organization's leadership team.


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Problem/Process Improvement

Benchmarking Workshop This half- to three-day workshop provides agency executives, managers, and key employees with information on the purpose, methods, and success factors for bench-marking with other organizations.

Business Process Re-engineering Workshop This three-to four-day workshop presents a structured approach to eliminate high pain, high non-value-added activity in critical business processes. Participants are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and methods necessary to work as a team to document, analyze, develop, measure, and implement a re-engineered business process.

Conflict Resolution Workshop This two- to three-day workshop equips parties involved in conflict or intervening in conflict with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize, evaluate, and resolve conflicts in person-to-person as well as group situations. Participants build skills and practice in proven strategies that diffuse conflict and build relationships.

Engineering Optimization This two- to three- day workshop improves the overall performance of a particular product or service process and provides a foundation for better products/services in the future.  

Process Improvement Team Training This three- to four-day event equips a Process Improvement Team with the knowledge, skills, and methodology to work effectively as a team and to document, analyze, develop, and implement improvements and measurement to a critical business process.

Quality Function Deployment Workshop This three-day workshop focuses on improving overall effectiveness of the product/service development cycle, working rapidly and economically, and achieving optimum quality and customer satisfaction.

Statistical Process Control Workshop This half- to three-and-a-half-day workshop equips attendees with the tools necessary to identify the sources of variation within a process so that these variations can be reduced or eliminated, creating a foundation for better products and services in the future.

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Customer/Supplier Teambuilding Training This two- to three-day event is designed to help build effective relationships, enhance existing customer/supplier relationships, remove or prevent barriers to effective interaction, and set the stage for creating more productive partnerships in the future.

Diversity Training This three-day event is designed to sensitize work groups, integrated product teams, and/or agency personnel to the practical and legal implications of working in a diversified work culture. Participants explore ways in which diversity can be harnessed for more satisfying and productive results.

Executive Teambuilding Workshop This two- to three- day workshop combines strategic planning with continuous improvement culture planning and executive teambuilding to bring about a "holistic plan" for the organization.

Integrated Product/Process Team (IPT) Workshop This one- to three-day workshop is designed to enhance relationships, build an understanding of the characteristics of effective teams, remove or prevent barriers to effective interaction, and set the stage for creating an effective team.

Self-Managed Work Team Workshop This five-day workshop equips newly formed, self-managed work teams with the knowledge, skills, and methods necessary to exercise greater control, planning, and decision-making for their work processes and work results. 

Supplier Involvement Workshop This three-day event provides the procedure and techniques necessary to ensure product or service conformance, by the supplier to the agency's requirements.

Teambuilding Workshop The Teambuilding Workshop, a one- to three-day event, is designed to enhance relationships, understand the characteristics of an effective team, remove or prevent barriers to effective interaction, and set the stage for creating an effective team.

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Focused Skill Building

Coaching Skills Workshop This three-day workshop equips managers and supervisors with the knowledge, skills, and methods necessary to effectively identify coachable situations in their employees, identify the root causes for employees' deficiencies, and be able to assist their employees in making positive change.

Empowerment Workshop for Supervisors This one- to two-day workshop equips managers and supervisors with the knowledge, skills, and methods necessary to effectively create a climate of empowerment for those they supervise and to focus the resulting decision-making authority on serving customers better.

Instructor Certification Courses These three-day courses are designed to transfer necessary skills and tools to organization instructors so they are able to deliver workshops specific to the improvement process. A core group of instructors are prepared and certified to be able to deliver the following courses: Manager Action Workshop, TQM Implementation Team Workshop, Work Group Leader Workshop, Corrective Action Team Leader/Facilitator Workshop, and Critical Process Team Workshop. 

Internal Facilitation Skills Workshop This two- to three-day workshop provides a step-by-step approach for facilitation within an organization, either as a formally designated facilitator or as a staff person who needs to be more effective without direct authority.

Performance Measurement Workshop This two-day workshop for managers and supervisors provides information on role, example, and mechanics of measuring productivity, quality, and customer service in their organization.

Supervisor Skills Workshop This one to three-day workshop is designed to build on the first line supervisor's knowledge and skills, and provide methods necessary to lead effectively. 

Team Leader and Facilitator Workshop This three- to four-day workshop provides participants with the knowledge, skills, and training aids necessary to lead or facilitate organization process improvement, problem solving, or short-lived project teams.

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