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Leadership Planning

bulletCustomer/Supplier Teambuilding
bulletOrganization In Transition
bulletStrategic Planning
bulletSupplier Involvement
bulletVulnerability Analysis

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Customer/Supplier Teambuilding


This event is intended to build effective relationships, enhance existing customer/supplier relationships, remove or prevent barriers to effective interaction, and set the stage for creating more productive partnerships in the future.


Establishment of joint operating principles and practices.

Short-term problem resolution and long-term partnership orientation.

Mutual understanding of each party's viewpoint.

Clarification of product and process requirements.

Transfer of teambuilding skills and techniques.

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ValueLink provides clear links between the support functions and overall business results. Management teams use ValueLink to streamline their support departments and processes to ensure maximum contribution to the company’s business objectives.

ValueLink is especially useful as a change management tool when doing pre-ERP planning or post-ERP clean-up work. ValueLink provides a practical method for defining the value-adding business functions, and then activating the information systems modules needed to support them.


Lower cost and less waste in the support functions.

Value-added functions providing higher employee satisfaction.

Enhanced credibility and efficiency of the support functions.

Enhanced manager and employee involvement and contribution.

Faster tactical business plan accomplishment.

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Organization In Transition


This process provides a straightforward approach to maximizing organizational effectiveness during a re-organization or acquisition.


Increased information flow.

Clearer understanding of major issues, goals, and direction.

A reduction of the amount of ambiguity and unproductive time.

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Strategic Planning


This process combines strategic planning with continuous improvement planning to bring about a "holistic plan" for an organization. It guides top management through the process of integrating contemporary management styles into the financial aspects of long range business planning.


Simultaneously examines both the strategic and culture issues facing the organization.

Focuses top management on both financial and non-financial goals and actions.

Examines both the traditional organization structure and the structure needed for breakthrough and incremental improvement.

Balances an organization's efficiency and effectiveness measurements and their influence on customer satisfaction.

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Supplier Involvement


This workshop provides a Supplier Involvement Team with the forms, procedures and techniques necessary to ensure conformance to requirements by outside suppliers.


Extends the improvement initiative to the supplier base.

Provides a structured, systematic way to integrate suppliers with a company-wide quality improvement initiative.

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Vulnerability Analysis


This module draws senior management's attention to the vulnerabilities of their business. It involves the identification of business "underpinnings" along with the various threats that may damage those underpinnings. Vulnerability Analysis may also be applied at a program or project level.


Supplements strategic business planning by addressing issues that don't ordinarily surface in the planning process.

Causes top management to look beyond the traditional business and market boundaries for issues that may affect the business.

Augments the contingency planning process.

Engages top management in the actions they need to take to react to threats.

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