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"We are very pleased with how Cumberland has supported our improvement efforts. They provide candid, constructive feedback and guidance to our senior managers.. They can really get us to open up and discuss the core issues in implementing TQM. Cumberland’s approach is very adaptable, and we feel that it will be the linkage that will finally make TQM a way of life for us."

J.A. Thomas, former Deputy Director - Kennedy Space Center, NASA


"One of the biggest challenges of our continual improvement efforts has been employee participation and empowerment. Using the Cumberland approach, we have been able to generate a lot of enthusiasm and true ownership for continual improvement in the workforce. There was a lot of skepticism that this process would work, but thanks to Cumberland’s help and guidance, we have everyone ‘turning on’ to a new culture of continual improvement."

Pat McGlinn, Plant Manager - Hallmark Cards

"The Cumberland Group’s approach to customer/supplier relationships has provided a powerful model for us. Together with their training of our Business Process Improvement Team, their support has launched us on the TQM path. We are excited about our work with The Cumberland Group and the potential these tools have for us in the health care field."

Lindsay Robinson, President - Voluntary Hospitals of America, Central Division

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NASA-Headquarters, Johnson Space Center, and Kennedy Space Center

Cumberland developed a total organizational approach to train a work force of 4,500 to improve quality, productivity and involvement. We partnered with NASA to ensure our approach incorporated and provided focus to already existent improvement initiatives and earlier strategic planning, team excellence and culture survey initiatives and processes.

Our approach in this agency strove for cultural modification at the leadership level to provide support and commitment. We helped leaders focus on an ideal strategic direction which included a clear vision, mission, goals and alignment of management support systems and aligned work unit missions and goals to agency vision and goals. An important thread throughout the assessment and implementation cycle was focused on how to more effectively and efficiently meet internal and external customer requirements. We trained teams of implementers, problem solvers and agency leaders to initiate the improvement process and keep it moving. Employee teams were empowered and provided the resources to search out opportunities for improvement and put these ideas into action. Measurement and analysis systems were instituted to provide the feedstock for initial identification of opportunities and keep the improvement cycle on track.


Pennsylvania Power & Light Company

Key to the success of this project was the partnering of the Labor Union Management Team with PP&L’s Management Team. We facilitated a joint labor/management team which was tasked with designing and developing a PP&L unique approach to Continuous Performance Improvement. We trained teams management and labor leaders to implement the improvement process and keep it moving.


Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR)

The Cumberland Group is providing diagnostic, consulting and training services to assist NAVAIR as they transition from a functional and site-oriented organization to one focused on products and the use of multi-competency teams. The new organizational construct allows the retention of essential organic capabilities and creates a mission-focused rather than a site-unique organization.

Cumberland is conducting independent organizational reviews; helping teams clarify mission, goals, metrics, identify and resolve organizational barriers to high performance; and providing training in team building, conflict resolution and organizational change.


Pratt & Whitney

This major aerospace engine manufacturer commissioned The Cumberland Group to develop a process to improve product quality, productivity and achieve market share growth. Overall Pratt & Whitney needed to become more customer focused.

The approach was the systematic examination of internal processes and the involvement of employees at every level of the corporation. Cumberland assessed the management support systems, developed a roll-out plan and worked closely with Pratt & Whitney to implement these plans corporation-wide.


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